Leaders Around the World Are Under Pressure

Many leaders operate at a significant “capacity deficit”. They need a catalyst for change and an innovative, yet proven approach. 

This is where the LCP Coaching Accelerator comes in. This is where you, as the LCP-certified coach, come in. You, combined with this powerful online leadership resource, are the catalyst.

Our approach ensures long-term change for individual leaders that translates into cultural change for the organizations they serve — creating a new trajectory for both the leader and the organization.

What key attributes are important for LCP coaches?

The Power of Reflective Thinking

  • There is a commitment to help clients evaluate how they engage the organizations and people they are responsible for leading — strength of leadership.
  • The world needs thinkers who can be proactive and practitioners who can think — quality of leadership.
  • Facilitate a process where clients can understand the relationship between their identity as leaders and their function — sustainability of leadership. 

The Power of a Leader’s Story

  • Help clients to have the courage and confidence in sharing their leadership narrative — including negative experiences — to powerfully connect with key stakeholders — credibility of leadership.
  • To give clients the ability to synthesize key experiences, responsibilities held, lessons learned, how people have impacted them the most, and an awareness of how this informs their beliefs, assumptions, and behaviors — insight of leadership.
  • Help clients explore how their inner life affects the way they lead, interact, and respond — awareness of leadership.

The Power of Alignment

  • A commitment to help clients align purpose, values, motivation, and strengths with their goals (organizational, professional, personal) — reliability of leadership.
  • Reveal how the 5 Leadership Anchors can be a perpetual model for self-evaluation and growth — baseline of leadership performance.
  • Empower clients to increase and sustain leadership and organizational performance — capacity of leadership.


  • Minimum of 10-years leadership experience;
  • Business owner / entrepreneur or business-building experience;
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business, Leadership, MBA, or equivalent;
  • 1-2 Client references.


Certification Program

  • Complete 2-day LCP® Certification Seminar, including;
    • How to build a trusted brand as an executive coach and leadership development professional.
    • Tools to implement an effective ‘Go-to-Market’ strategy.
  • Complete three coaching engagements using LCP®;
  • Participate in a learning community with highly qualified and experienced executive coaches and leadership development professionals (must attend minimum of three webinars per year).


Maintain Certification

  • Purchase a minimum of 5 LCP user-licences per year;
  • Attend a minimum of 3 LCP coaching development webinars per year.

LCP Global welcomes corporate partners and leadership development organisations who are interested in being a licenced provider of LCP for use with their client networks or within a specific country or region. 

For more information on LCP corporate programs, please email admin@lcp-global.com.