Become a Catalyst for Helping Today’s Leaders

A strategic, systematic approach to leadership development, Leadership Capacity Program™ helps leaders harness the power of alignment using The 5 Leadership Anchors™ to increase confidence, clarity, energy, and performance in as little as 90 days.

Achieve Breakthrough Alignment

You can help today’s leaders achieve breakthrough alignment by being a trusted, experienced advisor that has been trained in a proven, results-oriented leadership system used by executives running Global 2000 organizations, emerging growth companies, government, military, academic, NGOs, and not-for-profit organizations around the world. 

The LCP® Coaching Certification Workshop offers a learning community of highly qualified and experienced leadership development coaches and experts, that will help you to:

  • Integrate the 'LCP Engagement Framework' into your coaching and leadership development initiatives;
  • Learn from a global branding expert on how to build a trusted brand as a leadership coach and leadership development professional leveraging the power of LCP;
  • Implement an effective ‘Go-To-Market’ strategy for your business as an executive coach or leadership development expert.


Interact with Highly Qualified, Experienced Leadership Coaches

Learn how to apply a proven, systematic approach to leadership development using The 5 Leadership Anchors and have a unique opportunity over 2-days to interact with highly qualified and experienced leadership coaches and leadership development professionals.

Understand how to apply the LCP Coaching Philosophy and Methodology that integrates two proven methodologies (Appreciative Inquiry and a Strengths-Based Approach) to enable you to help your clients manage large-scale change and increase employee engagement and performance.


LCP Coaching Certification Workshop includes:

  • 2-days of hands-on training;
  • Meals and refreshments throughout the day;
  • Hotel accommodation discount code;
  • Three complimentary LCP user-licenses for your LCP client engagements as you earn your certification. 
  • Networking with other high caliber leadership development professionals.

Pre-Workshop Materials

Forms, prereads, and other content to review or complete prior to attending your LCP Coaching Certification Workshop.