A Proven, Systematic Approach to Leadership

Different to traditional leadership development programs, the LCP Coaching Accelerator™ uses a proven, systematic approach to leadership that "harnesses the power of alignment" to increase confidence, clarity, energy, and performance for today’s leaders.


Provides clients with a highly relevant and comprehensive snapshot of their immediate leadership context, their challenges, and future trajectory—individually, and organizationally.


Reduces administrative costs and improves program scalability for large enterprises by introducing an online leadership evaluation that emails them a tailored LCP Journal at the completion of each of the five online phases.

Cost and Time Efficient

Clients and coaches have at their fingertips a rich source of information that can take up to three to four months to obtain with other leadership programs.

Looks at What Influences Decisions

The LCP Coaching Accelerator helps leaders understand how their experiences and key people in their lives have shaped the way they make decisions and behave.

Assimilates a Wealth of Information

Clients can integrate rich data from current and previous assessments, 360-Degree feedback and performance evaluations. Forgotten information becomes relevant again.


Unlike standardised assessments and multiple choice questions, clients embark on a reflective process that removes the tendency to submit poor quality responses given under pressure.

Dynamic and Adaptable

The use of the LCP Coaching Accelerator is not a static, one-time event. Clients can complete the online evaluation at their own pace and in their preferred environment, and regularly update their goals, challenges, and insights included in their LCP Journal.

Goal Alignment

Clients can align their efforts and goals to achieve better outcomes. When a leader's organizational, professional, and personal goals are in conflict, performance is compromised, resulting in a decline in employee engagement, burnout, and leadership turnover — which all negatively impact organizational performance.

Quick Measurable Results

As a results-oriented leadership system, the LCP Coaching Accelerator delivers clarity, confidence, and capacity in just 90-days along with instantly actionable data for quick and significant measurable results.


To simplify the collection and processing of information from busy executives and leaders, the LCP Coaching Accelerator uses world-class, mobile-enabled Intelledox® smart web forms created for faster, more efficient information capture.


This proven, systematic approach to leadership development combines an online experience that enhances a virtual coaching scenario, making it excellent for multi-site application across different geographies.