LCP Leadership Accelerator for Individuals

For Individuals

Remove my roadblocks to achieve my goals in 90 days

Align your team’s strength and focus for greater success

Grow and develop leadership talent across your workforce

Accelerate your client's success as a LCP-certified coach


Create a new trajectory for yourself in 90 days!

Investing in your goals can cost less than a couple of coffees a month! An annual subscription gives you access to an incredible ecosystem of motivational resources, reflective journals, and personalized reporting — all designed to increase your capacity to achieve your goals.

A weekly review of your 90-day goals will accelerate your outcomes, giving you clarity and energy. Periodic check-ins allow you to adjust your targets and keep momentum going all year long.


Build a high-performing team by aligning their strengths and focus with your strategic priorities

The LCP Leadership Accelerator is ideal for business owners and enterprises that want to build collaborative and cohesive teams that are moving in the same direction.

Each team member has the ability to evaluate and refine their own individual goals, while ensuring they are not in conflict with team objectives or organizational priorities.

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The LCP Accelerator

Whether you are setting out to achieve your own goals, launching a business, managing a team, or leading a global enterprise, the Leadership Accelerator will empower you with the tools you need to increase your capacity and break through any roadblock.

The LCP Leadership Accelerator is a virtual accountability system that focuses on the development of an individual’s talent against the goals they are expected to achieve. 

It provides a holistic and systematic, evidence-based approach to increasing the capacity of individuals to be better at leading themselves, others and their business.

LCP Leadership Accelerator outcomes

Invest as little as one hour per week, or as much time as you wish – you’re in control.
You can invest as little as one hour per week, or as much time as you wish – you’re in control

LCP Accelerator outcomes
LCP Accelerator outcomes

How does it work?

After you have purchased your 12-month subscription to the LCP Leadership Accelerator, you will be taken on an extraordinary development journey based on 5 Leadership Anchors(™) that will help you to achieve greater outcomes.

Every 90 days, you have a unique opportunity to evaluate your growth and development against your goals, and then leverage those insights when you reset your goals for the next 90 days. This approach is entirely focused on your success!

LCP online phases

1. Retrospection

Reflect on strengths experiences and key learnings to draw on for future goals and challenges

2. Formation

Focus on personal interests, passions and values. Explore the “why” behind what you do

3. Feedback

Identify important feedback from previous assessments and reviews

4. Insight

Think about the importance and connectedness of phase 1-3 discoveries so far

5. Goal Alignment

Align the goals you want to achieve and identify potential roadblocks and conflicts

6. 90-Day Goal Tracking System

a quarterly check-in activity to monitor progress and reset your goals

Team Alignment Report

A team alignment report for those who want to reconcile conflicting priorities

The 5 Leadership Anchors™

Create a strong foundation for sustainable success using the 5 Leadership Anchors™

Leveraging Relational Currency

The Leader’s Relationships

Understanding Motivational Drivers

The Symbols of Success

Building Resilient Character

The Leader’s Value Code

Empowering Effective Decision Making

The Leader’s Personal Script

Transforming Goals and Outcomes

The Leader’s Trajectory

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The science behind LCP

A framework for understanding and measuring leadership capacity

“Systems and organizations play a powerful role in shaping the identity and performance of those in leadership roles. As science has sought to understand the extent to which they influence the beliefs, assumptions and behaviors of leaders, organizational culture has emerged as a critical player.”

"Radically changed the outcome"

“Rarely is a leader’s journey linear, i.e. go to college, get a degree, get a job in that field and become an expert in it. It seems the fluid and rapid valleys and peaks of a leader’s life and their responses to them, makes them what they are and leads them to new places of influence. By completing LCP®, I looked at situations differently, and that radically changed the outcome. What resulted is that I was able to apply my strengths in new ways and the business started setting record highs in volume and showing profit for those volumes for the first time in 12 years. With that, came a new opportunity to acquire additional businesses.”

— C. Marshall, General Manager Automotive Industry, Ohio, U.S.A.

C Marshall

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