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LCP Global launches new digital self-leadership program for professionals and organizations

LCP Global launches new digital self-leadership program for professionals and organizations

The LCP Leadership Accelerator enables individuals, teams and organizations to realise their goals, via a system built for the future.

LCP Global is a world recognised business and executive consultancy firm, driven by a global advisory group of successful corporate executives, coaches and consultants. Over seven years they have engineered a virtual leadership development system backed by science, and proven to help professionals accelerate their career, and reach their goals. 

Fueled by the insights of over 2,000 business leaders, the LCP Leadership Accelerator™ is now available as a 12 month subscription. It is inclusive of a 90 day goal tracking system, tailored reports and an online ecosystem of tools, resources and journals. Participants access the LCP Leadership Accelerator via their own private dashboard and have complete control over when, and how much time they invest in the program.

It provides a holistic and systematic, evidence-based approach to increasing the capacity of individuals to be better at leading themselves, others and their business.    

In a changed world, time-poor business leaders and entrepreneurs are under more pressure than ever to succeed. The LCP Global team believes 24/7 access to an online coaching and accountability program is vital now, and into the future. The company’s Founder and CEO Dr. Glenn Williams says the ultimate goal is to see a world well led.

Drawing on his experience as a psychologist and long serving corporate executive of over 25 years, Dr Williams says, “Everyone wants to get somewhere quicker, faster; but sometimes success seems just out of reach. 92% of people do not achieve their goals. Imagine what could be achieved if the inverse was true, and only 8% didn’t achieve what they needed to?

After years of rigorous research and development with some of the world’s greatest leaders, we are honoured to offer this program to the world. The mission is to help individuals and organizations achieve success while maintaining wellbeing, and the integrity of both their personal and professional goals.” 

“Success doesn’t have to come at the expense of something important to you.” Dr. Williams adds. 

Executive coaches and business consultants are also invited to become LCP-Certified so they can leverage the program to help their clients succeed. Built on 5 Leadership Anchors™ the LCP Leadership Accelerator™ takes individuals and organizations on a development journey. With a strong emphasis on personal accountability, the system focuses on the development of one’s talent, against the goals they are expected to achieve.   

Priced at just USD $70 for individuals, there are alternative pricing tiers for teams, organizations and enterprise participants. 

“Investing in your goals can cost less than a couple of coffees a month.” Dr Williams says. 

Roshan Thiran is CEO and Founder of Leaderonomics, a social enterprise supporting leadership development amongst all ages across Asia Pacific. Of the LCP Leadership Accelerator™ he says, “LCP is more than training, and significantly more meaningful than leadership development. If anything, it straddles the thin edge between teaching and empowering, helping the leader to awaken to a whole new level of purpose, ambition and achievement.” 

For professionals who are setting out to achieve their goals, launching a business, managing a team, or leading a global enterprise, the LCP Leadership Accelerator™ aims to empower them with the tools they need to increase their capacity, and break through any roadblock. 

For more information on the LCP Leadership Accelerator™, visit Interested individuals may also contact the LCP team at +61 2 9293 2983 or email

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LCP Global is an Australian-based company that has provided professional training and coaching services internationally for over 10 years. As a global advisory group of executives, consultants and business advisors, they offer innovative, proven and scalable leadership development programs and solutions. LCP Global recognizes the connection between personal wellbeing, resilience, alignment, and success.