An unexpected "executive transition"

After 25-years in leadership roles in Australia and the U.S, I found myself facing an unexpected executive transition as a leader of a multinational organization. I was 47 years old, and although I did not anticipate such a transition and the impact it would have on myself and my family, I realized that I was at an important juncture where I could allow it to negatively affect important decisions I needed to make about my future, or I could grow from it and help others through similar unexpected leadership transitions.

I suddenly found myself in “half-time” — the point in a career when a leader asks “now what?” I began to ask myself questions like, "Where did I think I could make the biggest contribution? What could I invest my life into that would be fulfilling for me and incredibly helpful to others? During this time, I realized that it would not necessarily be beneficial merely to transition into the next leadership role that was offered. There were many good books I found helpful as I worked through these question, but one I found particularly challenging was, How Will You Measure Your Life? by Harvard University professor, Clayton Christensen.

“Glenn knows how to strike a great balance between strategic thinking and practical implementation."

- Steve Maegdlin
Executive Advisory Partners, U.S.A.

The beginning of an incredible journey

I had always had a passion for developing leaders and seeing them succeed at work and at home—the two areas of life where people spend most of their time and where they can have the biggest influence. But I had seen too many of my peers experience success in one part of their lives come often at the expense of their most important relationships. I am passionate about wanting to see this change, not only for themselves, but for the next generation of leaders!

Pondering this and looking at my own leadership roles and experiences, a friend convinced me to complete a doctorate in global leadership even though, after 25 years in leadership roles in Australia and the U.S, I knew the last thing leaders need is a person coming up with yet another ‘program’ or espousing untested ideas and strategies.

What I didn’t know was the incredible journey it would take me on and the discoveries I would make that would impact thousands of people around the world.

“Glenn not only has an in-depth knowledge of the technical aspects of leadership and high performance teams but also the true spirit of engaging personal strengths in business."

- Jude Duff
Chief People Officer
Daniels Health | Global

Discovering the power of alignment

My doctoral studies and travels put me in front of many inspirational leaders who were very open about their failures and successes. Spending time with leaders all over the world, led me to explore the relationship between leadership character and performance—professionally and personally—and the obvious impacts on organizational culture, leadership identity, and wellbeing.

I discovered that when there is greater alignment between a leader’s values professionally and personally, performance improves significantly!  It was here that I began to formulate the 5 Leadership Anchors™ and the key elements of the Leadership Capacity Program.

My journey has continued and is now one that I share with other leaders as I journey with them.

“Frankly I have come across very few people who combine a servant's heart with razor-sharp business intuition as well as Glenn does."

- Scott Fehrenbacher
New Iron Media

Seeing leaders become great leaders

More than ever, leaders are overwhelmed when trying to meet the demands of their organizations coupled with meeting the needs of their families and personal lives. I’m painfully aware how leaders can sometimes be extremely lonely.  And when things aren’t going well, it is difficult to know who to turn to that understands the unique demands placed on them and the enormous tension that it creates in the life of a leader and their key relationships.

This is why I started LCP Global—so that I could focus on seeing leaders become great leaders, and help emerging leaders aspire to be great leaders without sacrificing the things that are important to them.

Today, with the support of a growing network of LCP-certified coaches and leadership development professionals around the world, I find it incredibly rewarding to see leaders and their organizations create a new trajectory for themselves as they align their efforts around the 5 Leadership Anchors. These anchors are pivotal to sustaining leadership success and have become the foundation of a growing suite of targeted LCP leadership solutions aimed to meet a range of specific organizational goals and needs.

“I was most impressed with Glenn’s ability to assess and manage complexities that stemmed from differences in cultures, interests, geographies, role, styles and perception of people"

- Sunil Dovedy
Adizes USA

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Glenn's Popular Speaking Topics

Discover the Secret to Your Leadership Dilemma

As leaders, we crave success. We want to achieve better results faster and more consistently, often finding ourselves tempted to take shortcuts. Many factors influence this, threatening our ability to achieve our goals and establish the relationships that are vital to success. Discover the secret and science to leadership resilience.

Glenn reveals 5 Leadership Anchors™ that, when aligned with your goals, will transform you, those you lead and your business.

Crack the ‘Competency vs Character’ Code

Peter Drucker, one of the world’s pre-eminent management gurus, was often quoted as saying that “culture eats strategy for breakfast”. If this is true, then what lays the foundation for building a culture that will deliver the best results over time?

Leaders are increasingly divided about whether to hire talent based on competency or character. Find out from Glenn what the evidence reveals and what lessons we can learn from it.

Reframe your Leadership Story to Build a Resilient and Successful Brand

Leaders can dismiss negative experiences as inconsequential or ‘just a part of being a leader’, but many of us know the damage to people and organisational results when leaders ignore the lessons and do not resolve the emotional conflicts they can create.

Glenn shows us how to learn the value of reframing those experiences to shape you and your organisation’s brand to build a culture of authenticity, resiliency, and success in a competitive global market.

Successful Relationships Achieve Great Results

Leadership success depends on relationships. Unfortunately, evidence shows that as leaders are burdened with greater responsibility, the quality of their relationships declines just when they need them the most.

Without the ability to lead and empower others in the workplace, it is highly improbable you will achieve your goals and expectations.

Glenn focuses on how leveraging relational currency is key to fostering successful relationships that will help you to achieve the results you seek.

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