Glenn Williams

by Glenn Williams


What one decision can you 'do' that will transform your day?

In my role I get to have lots of conversations with leaders, and over the last few weeks it is clear that there is often a huge gap between making a decision and implementing it.

Inherently, I think most leaders know this to be true when it comes to driving their businesses forward to greater success and managing the tension between strategy and execution.

It is amazing, however, how many decisions never actually get over the line!

What would it take for you to change that today?

  • If you’re a CEO feeling overwhelmed (by missing targets, loss of business, losing key staff) and feeling increasingly disconnected from your team, what one decision can you do that will bring some relief?
  • As a senior executive feeling the pressure to perform and work long hours, what is the one decision that will show your family that you don’t have to sacrifice your most important relationships to achieve success?
  • If you’re the leader of a business unit, what is one decision you can do today that will contribute to breaking down the silos that constantly frustrate your organization’s goals? One conversation, for example, could prove to be a catalyst for greater things.
  • As a business owner, what is the one decision you need to do today that you have been putting off that has the potential to help your business get to the next level?
  • As a leader in your organization, what is the one decision you can do that will positively influence the attitude and energy of your team?

Yesterday, I started with one decision and decided that I could do more. Lots of flights and time away from home (and the office!) is not sustainable for long.

So, what decisions did I do?

I got up and had coffee with my wife before she went to work, followed by driving my daughter to where she needed to be to catch the bus for school. After dropping her off, I went for a 7km walk before arriving at the office and having a much more productive day than I imagined.

While my decisions won’t work for everyone, think of the ones that can work for you!

What is the one decision you can do that will transform your day?

You may be surprised.


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