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LCP Frequently-Asked Questions

What is the Leadership Capacity Program™?

Different than traditional leadership development programs, LCP® is an innovative leadership system with a proven approach. It systematically harnesses the power of alignment to dramatically increase the capacity of leaders to achieve to achieve their goals, drive sustainable organizational performance, and maintain key relationships – professionally and personally.

LCP combines years of research and real engagement with executives and their teams around the world with a proven approach and advanced toolset designed to address each leader’s unique needs, capabilities and situational context.

Delivered exclusively by certified LCP leadership coaches, leadership development experts, and human resource professionals, the program creates the capacity leaders need to successfully tackle the challenges in their organizations as well as in their personal relationships. This creates a new trajectory for both the leader and the organization.

Based on the 5 Leadership Anchors™ that sit at the heart of LCP, clients are able to leverage key strengths and experiences to achieve their goals, at the same time resolving conflicts that impede performance. Its unique multidimensional approach focuses on aligning 5 Leadership Anchors (strengths-based competencies) with their organizational, professional, and personal goals.

Who is LCP for?

LCP is for CEOs and senior leaders who want to find greater capacity to drive a culture of lasting performance within their organization.

Whether they are CEOs under pressure to perform, leaders who have been promoted and need to manage greater expectations, or aspiring leaders who want to make a mark, LCP provides a strong foundation for achieving immediate outcomes in the first 90 days.

What do you mean by “leadership capacity”?

Leaders are always looking for ways to get ahead, to increase productivity, and to grow a culture conducive to sustained performance. However, many leaders operate at a significant capacity deficit affecting strategy to execution, profitability, and sustainability, attracting and retaining talent, to key relationships—professional and personal.

Based on the 5 Leadership Anchors, LCP equips leaders to identify roadblocks to achieving optimal capacity and empowers them to develop the strategies they need to address goals and desired outcomes that are in conflict.

How long does it take to complete the coaching process using LCP?

LCP does not dictate the length of the coaching engagement per se. It does, however, have a very specific 90-day focus that seeks to bring a leader's goals into alignment to ensure success. Certified coaches use LCP as the foundation for the coaching process, whether it is a 90-day, 6-month or 12-month engagement.

Why is there such a strong focus on 90 days?

LCP believes that 90 days presents clients with the minimum amount of time to consolidate new patterns of behavior and reinforce key learnings. The timeframe allows for the clients to take steps towards letting go of things that don’t support their goals and empowers them to create a new trajectory for them, and their organization. 90 days gives greater focus and impetus for change.

Is the program only for individuals or can a group utilize it?

The program is designed for use with individual clients or executives along with their leadership teams. When used for teams, each individual receives their own confidential LCP Journal for their own tailored coaching engagement. LCP also offers a Team Alignment Report that contrasts the team’s immediate goals for the purpose of resolving conflicts and determining priorities.

How is the program delivered?

LCP is delivered by experienced, insightful LCP coaches who have been certified to deliver the program.

The program starts with clients completing the online LCP evaluation at their own pace through a series of strategic questions ( Once completed, clients receive a tailored, personal LCP Journal. After this, the coaching engagement is initiated as agreed by face-to-face, virtually (online), or by telephone.

Is there a book or other materials required for the program?

Everything the client needs is in their personal LCP Journal, including a comprehensive list of resources they can explore further to address specific leadership challenges they might be facing. Clients can also integrate key insights from other assessments they might have completed (e.g. Gallup StrengthsFinder, MBTI, LSI, performance evaluations, 360-Degree Feedback, etc.).

How much does LCP cost?

LCP is delivered by experienced, certified coaches and organizations as part of a broader enterprise-wide leadership initiative, where it can be seamlessly integrated. Fees will vary across global territories, and be influenced by how LCP is implemented.

How is LCP different from other executive coaching or training programs?

LCP is unlike any other executive coaching or leadership training program in the marketplace.

1.     It provides clients with a highly relevant and comprehensive snapshot of their immediate leadership context, their challenges, and impacts on their future trajectory—individually, and organizationally.

2.     Through a personally tailored LCP Journal, it provides clients and coaches with a rich source of information in a structured framework that could take up to three to four months to obtain with traditional programs.

3.     While leadership style and skill-based competency are important, LCP helps leaders carefully reflect on how their beliefs, assumptions, and behaviors affect their decisions and desired outcomes.

4.     It gives clients the skills and insight to align conflicting goals to achieve better outcomes. When a leader’s organizational, professional, and personal goals are in conflict, performance is compromised, resulting in a decline in employee engagement, burnout, and leadership turnover—which all negatively impact organizational performance.

5.     It captures client responses and reflects them back to the client in such a way that they are given the opportunity to look at those responses from a range of different perspectives not previously considered. In contrast, other programs translate or interpret client responses into a series of prescriptive statements.

6.     It gives clients the ability to assimilate a wealth of relevant information—historical (often forgotten) and current—by integrating data from various assessments, 360-Degree feedback and performance evaluations. In contrast, other programs collect information that is never assimilated or used.

7.     Clients have the flexibility to complete the online LCP evaluation in their own time and less demanding environment. This flexibility provides them with greater opportunities for reflection and removes the tendency to submit prescriptive responses.

8.     The LCP® Journal provides clients with instantly actionable data where growth can be measured and changes substantiated within the first 90 days.

9.     This innovative program reduces administrative costs and improves program scalability for large enterprises by combining the LCP online evaluation and tailored LCP Journal with a coaching process that can be delivered face-to-face or virtually.

10.  To simplify the collection and processing of information from busy executives and leaders, it uses world-class smart web forms created by Intelledox® for faster, more efficient information capture. It is also mobile-device enabled.

How is success measured?

The testimonies of leaders who have gone through the program speak for themselves. Greater clarity on goals, improved motivation, ability to resolve long-standing conflicts that became roadblocks, less stress and more energy, improved and sustainable productivity and outcomes.

Tailored coaching solutions delivers clients with measurable outcomes based on the alignment of 5 Leadership Anchors. These represent core strengths-based competencies that need to be aligned in order to change leadership behaviors that are necessary to achieve the desired goals.

The success of the LCP coaching engagement is evidenced by the increased capacity of clients and their ability to achieve their 90-day goals. 

LCP Global is committed to the principle of continuous improvement, and ensuring the long-term efficacy of the Leadership Capacity Program, and its measurable impact on leadership and organizational performance.

Do LCP coaches go through a formal certification process?

Yes. Most coaches have worked with leaders across different industry sectors, and have established highly successful businesses.

All coaches must comply with the certification process and

  1. Have a minimum of 10-years experience in leadership roles; as a business owner/entrepreneur, or with business-building experience;
  2. Have a Bachelor’s Degree in Business, Leadership, MBA, or equivalent;
  3. Complete the two-day certification seminar;
  4. Coach three clients within 120 days of the certification seminar using the LCP system, and have LCP Global review the quality of these coaching engagements;

Why did LCP Global create the LCP System?

In 2010, after more than 25 years working as a psychologist and executive in more than 40 countries, and having experienced firsthand the responsibility of leadership and its effects, Dr. Glenn Williams began to analyze the relationship between leadership character and performance, leading to an understanding on how organizational culture, leadership identity and well-being affects decision-making and organizational performance.

The other thing that alarmed Glenn, was the fact that as leaders rise through the ranks, the poorer their social connections became, affecting their effectiveness and longevity as leaders due to health concerns, stress, and relational issues.

By helping leaders to align their lives around the 5 Leadership Anchors, the Leadership Capacity Program became that catalyst for change. It gives leaders confidence and clarity to leverage their strengths and experiences to achieve their goals and resolve conflicts that often impede performance—resulting in greater personal fullfilment, better organizational results, and a greater capacity for success!

Is LCP based on any particular research or theory?

LCP uses a strengths-based and decision-oriented evaluation approach in constructing a personalized leadership development framework that measures change and results in terms of intellectual capital and connectivity with a built-in feedback mechanism.

This approach monitors performance of outputs and evaluates outcomes that reflect change of trend or behavior (goals).

Artificial intelligent recommender systems assist organizations seeking to effectively connect employees who seek knowledge with those who have the necessary knowledge. Value through sharing essential knowledge within the organization is embodied through the concept of connectivity. Locating and measuring expertise is the challenge, as expert systems draw upon one’s social network in a people-centric approach.

A key attribute of a decision-oriented evaluation approach is that its organizer is, decisions. Its sole purpose is to provide a knowledge and value base for making and defending decisions. Its strength is that it encourages the use of reflection and evaluation to plan and implement strategies to achieve desired outcomes. It helps justify decisions and requires a necessary collaboration between an independent evaluator (coach) and decision-maker to avoid blind spots, bias, and influence of external pressures.

Therefore, the LCP approach measures the value and connection of a person’s intellectual capital against their behavior and desired outcomes; and ultimately, their performance.

  • Richards, D., et al. (2009). A Knowledge Mapping Approach to Facilitate Strategic Human Resource and Knowledge Management. 20th Australasian Conference on Information Systems. Melbourne, University of Wollongong Research Online: pp. 712-721.

How many certified LCP coaches are there?

Since launching LCP in November 2014, there is a growing global network of certified coaches in Australia, SE Asia, the United Kingdom, and the USA.

How do I maintain the currency of my LCP Certification?

Professional and competent use of the LCP Leadership Coaching Framework comes from continued learning about its use, and networking with other certified coaches and real-world experiences in using LCP. Therefore, to maintain LCP certification, all coaches/practitioners need to:

  • Purchase a minimum of five LCP user-licences for use with clients in a 12-month period;
  • Attend at least three LCP coaching webinars conducted throughout the year;
  • Hold professional indemnity insurance; and
  • Authorise LCP to request feedback from your clients to ensure quality standards are met.

LCP coaches will be able to attend refresher courses and training events—including online.

What characteristics or past experience make a good LCP coach?

In addition to the criteria for LCP certification mentioned under the section “Do LCP coaches go through a formal training and certification process?”, prospective LCP coaches must –

  • Have a high level of self-awareness and emotional intelligence;
  • Be a great listener;
  • Care about people and their development;
  • Be perceptive and intuitive;
  • Have a strong commitment to learning—including from those they coach;
  • Demonstrate excellent communication skills;
  • “Walk the talk”;
  • Maintain high personal standards and unquestionable integrity; and
  • Demonstrate humility.

Experience as a member of the “C-Suite” or in a senior leadership role for a minimum of five to ten years will certainly help to build credibility with clients.

It is also helpful if prospective coaches have had experience in managing large-scale change, leading teams, working cross-culturally, overseen succession strategies, and who have experience managing a diverse business portfolio.

How do I identify and qualify prospective clients?

Incorporated into the certification program offered by LCP Global are two incredibly powerful, interactive workshops on brand-building, and developing a successful ‘Go-to-Market’ strategy for your business. These have been specifically designed to assist you either as a leadership coach, or as a coach or leadership development consultant working for a company that delivers leadership development services.

Can my company license LCP?

LCP Global welcomes corporate partners and leadership development organizations interested in licensing LCP for use within their own organization or through their client networks. For more information, please email

Can I keep my LCP certification if I leave the company who sponsored my training?

If you have been certified as an LCP coach, you can continue to promote and use LCP after you have left the company that sponsored you as long as you do not breach the terms of any legal agreement between you and your previous employer. LCP Global is indemnified from any legal action for breaches incurred between an LCP coach and their former company. Terms are often described in a letter of termination that covers the use of confidential information, non-compete clauses, etc.


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