What does success look like for you in the next 90 days?

Achieve great results by harnessing the "power of alignment" across all three levels of leadership - leading yourself, leading others, and leading a business.

Systematic Approach

Results in as
Little as 90 Days

Based on the
5 Leadership Anchors™

Contributing to the success of our proven approach is a powerful online resource called the LCP Coaching Accelerator. Developed by leaders, for leaders, it takes leaders on a perceptive and reflective journey where they can leverage fresh insights about their experience, strengths, and approaches to leading others. Learn more>

Meet Glenn

The 'Why' behind LCP

Learn how Glenn discovered the Power of Alignment, the 5 Leadership Anchors, and the Leadership Capacity Program.  Read more>

Have Glenn speak at your next event! Learn more>

What if the most disruptive threat to your organization’s future is inside your company?

LCP Leadership Solutions

LCP Global has designed a unique set of comprehensive programs based on the 5 Leadership Anchors that deliver high impact outcomes against a range of specific organizational goals and leadership needs.

LCP Emerging Leaders Program

Now is the time to build a pipeline of high performing leaders.
Learn more >

LCP Leadership Accelerator Program

The fast-track to remove roadblocks and drive business growth.
Learn more >

LCP Team Alignment Program

Build a cohesive team with capacity and commitment to shared success. Learn more >

LCP Change Readiness Program

Promote a resilient culture of ownership that successfully embraces change. Learn more >

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