A Transformational Leadership Experience

The Leadership Capacity Program dramatically increases an executive's capacity to lead and drive a culture of lasting performance throughout the organization.

Proven, Systematic Approach

Different to traditional leadership development programs, LCP® is a proven, systematic approach to leadership that harnesses the power of alignment to increase confidence, clarity, energy, and performance for today’s leaders in as little as 90 days.


Results in 90 Days

Its strong focus on immediate traction and measurable, achievable outcomes in the first 90 days are not only possible, but crucial for modifying a leader’s behavior and decisions.


Based on the 5 Leadership Anchors

LCP establishes a foundation of competencies – the 5 Leadership Anchors – which aligns a leader’s relationships, motivational drivers, values, decision making, and goals across their professional and personal lives. From this foundation, leaders can systematically activate a personal plan to achieve a high level of sustained performance for themselves and their organizations.

What leaders and executive coaches from around the world are saying about the Leadership Capacity Program.

Explore the
5 Leadership Anchors

The heart of LCP empowers leaders to harness the power of alignment and achieve sustainable leadership and performance.


Check out our Frequently-Asked Questions about LCP.  LCP has answers for both leaders and executive coaches.


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LCP Coach

Create a new trajectory for your clients, their organization – and your practice.  You can be a catalyst for a transformative leadership experience!

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LCP Coaching Certification Seminar - Denver

April 24-25, 2018     Denver, Colorado

LCP Coaching Certification Seminar - Chicago

May 3-4, 2018     Chicago, Illinois

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