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Modern leaders find themselves in a dilemma.

As leaders assume more responsibility, they often have less capacity to deal with the increasing number of priorities and many stop investing in their own wellbeing. 

As stress levels increase, a leader’s capacity declines, leading to poor performance and productivity. This can also spill into a leader’s personal relationships, creating even more pressure. Organizations can find their growth hampered by a lack of innovation, growing capability gaps, and a loss of motivation among staff. Some organizations find themselves unable to retain key talent or attract new talent as employee engagement declines. 

Resolving the leadership dilemma

Working longer and harder is not an option, neither is maintaining the status quo or committing to ineffective approaches to support and develop leaders that don’t work.

There are many outstanding programs focused on developing leadership competencies, and while there is a place for that, they are not always enough.

“Our aim is simple. To help leaders achieve their goals without sacrificing what is important.” Since 2013, we have been helping leaders think differently about what they want to achieve. Working closely with leaders from twelve countries, we created a holistic, systematic approach that is highly personalized to a leader’s context, increasing their capacity to better lead themselves, others, and their business. It was also important to us that this innovative and proven approach can be scaled by organizations to transform their leadership culture, so we created a virtual accountability system where leaders can track their development and monitor their goals. Fuelled by a strong focus on outcomes in 90 days, we identified 5 Leadership Anchors™, that when aligned, leaders experience better relationships, build stronger teams, make better decisions, achieve results that are sustainable, and have a better quality of life.
Glenn Williams

Glenn Williams

Founder and CEO


The LCP® Approach

In a fast-paced world where ‘speed-to-market’ is everything and leaders are under increasing pressure to perform, LCP Global recognised the importance of growing individual and corporate leadership capacity and the connection between personal well-being, resilience, and sustainable success. By addressing the interface between professional and personal goals (and the conflicts that often arise between them), the LCP Approach leverages insights about a leader’s skills and strengths to identify and build the leadership competencies needed to transition from one life stage of the business to the next, or from one leadership role to the next.

The LCP® Approach guides the design of LCP Global’s tailored leadership solutions, helping leaders to:

Get clarity on their goals and how they can be accomplished

Identify potential conflicts and roadblocks

Leverage fresh insights from their work history and apply them to their goals

Focus on which of their strengths can make the greatest impact

Gain momentum by being clear on their next steps and immediate actions

Keep track of their progress and development as they work to achieve their goals with the virtual 90-Day Goal Tracking System

The Science behind LCP

A framework for understanding and measuring leadership capacity

What we value


People can achieve better outcomes and be more fulfilled when their professional and personal goals are aligned and not competing for the same resources.


Making reflection a core practice for leaders enables them to leverage their entire story for achieving their goals and transforming their future.

Focused Momentum

Aiming to deliver measurable results in 90 days to create a new trajectory gives clarity, energy, and momentum to a person’s goals.


It takes courage to change, courage to lead, and courage to pick yourself up after failure.


Generosity sits at the core of our mission; to invest liberally into the lives of individuals who want more for themselves and for others.

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