Experiences and Outcomes with the Leadership Capacity Program™


"Unparalleled results"

“Being a seasoned leadership development professional, I got myself trained in LCP® to experience its potential in developing leadership capacity. I was impressed by its unparalleled results orientation, the power of alignment and appreciative inquiry based coaching process. Its simple but robust methodology moved me from a spectator to a player position and I am excited to take this world-class solution to new markets.”

Nelson, former VP Leadership & Organizational Development
Emirates NBD Group, Dubai, UAE

“Radically changed the outcome”

“Rarely is a leader's journey linear, i.e. go to college, get a degree, get a job in that field and become an expert in it. It seems the fluid and rapid valleys and peaks of a leader's life and their responses to them, makes them what they are and leads them to new places of influence.

By completing LCP®, I looked at situations differently radically changed the outcome. What resulted is that I was able to apply my strengths in new ways and the business started setting record highs in volume and showing profit for those volumes for the first time in 12 years. With that, came a new opportunity to acquire additional businesses.”

— C. Marshall, General Manager
Automotive Industry, Ohio, U.S.A.

“Great clarity… leadership priorities.”

“As a CEO and executive of major companies in different parts of Asia, I can tell you that leadership needs to be compelling, consistent, and looking at the team’s biggest needs.

While there were many benefits having gone through this program, three things became apparent: firstly, never before had my leadership story been captured so comprehensively in one place; secondly, I received great clarity in regard to my leadership priorities and next steps; and thirdly, the urgency to plan mid-term and long-term succession planning for each company and the group.”


— Hee Kim Fah, Chairman/CEO
EP-Asia Group, Selangor, Malaysia

Stanford University
Graduate School of Business

“Increased productivity”

“The benefits that I gained from this program are invaluable. It really enhanced my personal and professional growth, as can be seen in the increased productivity and efficiency in the performance of the business organization under my leadership for the past year.

On a personal level, I am able to set better priorities, and better able to align my organizational, professional and personal goals. This alignment is by far the most important and valuable thing that I gained from this program. I believe that the one-on-one coaching with the program made this program successful.”

— Rhoda Ting, General Manager (Greater East Malaysia Region)
Pathology & Clinical Laboratory (M) Sdn Bhd

“…a huge jump start”

“As a coaching program, LCP’s approach provides an excellent foundation for establishing a coaching relationship and an effective leadership development plan. The online evaluation and leadership journal facilitate in-depth reflection and documentation that gives a huge jump start on the coaching process and provides data to measure progress going forward. It is an excellent program that will greatly enhance any coaching practice or approach.”

— Neville Cox, Former Chairman
AMP Bank, Australia

“… a new level of purpose, ambition and achievement”

“LCP is more than training, and significantly more meaningful than leadership development. If anything, it straddles the thin edge between teaching and empowering, helping the leader to awaken to a whole new level of purpose, ambition and achievement.”

— Roshan Thiran, CEO/Founder,
Leaderonomics, Malaysia

Director of Talent Management, Johnson & Johnson
Director, HR Asia Pacific, General Electric Corp Finance

“Empowers work…life…growth”

“For more than 30 years of being a leader and working with leaders, I believe LCP is the best I’ve see at connecting the whole of life into one integrated approach that empowers work, enhances personal life and enables constant growth.”

— Eric Fellman, President
Ascent, U.S.A.

“Add value in ways we had not even expected”

“Converge International have elected to partner with LCP-Global as our primary partner for executive coaching for a range of compelling reasons.  We actively sought out an approach and methodology that had as many of the following attributes as possible. The product needed to be structured, scalable (given our national footprint), evidence-based, efficacious, and, possibly most importantly, needed to be highly practical and able to be readily applied to executives working in vastly differing work contexts.  

We are confident LCP-Global's technology, reflective journaling and strengths-based approach satisfy our requirements and add value in ways we had not even expected. We look forward to a long and fruitful working relationship with LCP-Global for years to come.”

— Paul Gretton-Watson, Director Consulting
Converge International, Australia

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