A Results-Oriented Leadership System

The Leadership Capacity Program follows a proven, results-oriented approach that has been designed for busy leaders to create a new trajectory for themselves and their organizations. 

Based on 5 Leadership Anchors™, LCP® establishes a foundation of competencies which aligns a leader's relationships, motivational drivers, values, decision-making, and goals across their professional and personal lives.

A Systematic Proven Approach

LCP facilitates a revealing journey that embraces deep reflection, construction dialogue, and highly effective changes to a client's approach to leadership. LCP identifies and assesses issues and opportunities in the context of a leader's capabilities and capacity, having strategic impact on organizational results.

Measurable, Achievable Outcomes

There is a strong focus on immediate traction and measurable, achievable outcomes in the first 90 days are crucial for modifying a leader's behaviour and decisions, and achieving a high level of sustained performance for themselves and their organizations.


Transforms Organizational Culture

Executives and leadership development professionals create a new trajectory for their organizations by following the LCP Engagement Framework that builds a culture aligned with the 5 Leadership Anchors.

Leverage the Power of Alignment

LCP systematically harnesses the power of alignment to dramatically increase a leader's capacity to lead and drive a culture of lasting performance throughout the organization.

Leaders are able to leverage key strengths and experiences to achieve their goals, at the same time resolving conflicts that impede performance. Its unique multidimensional approach focuses on aligning their purposes, values, motivation and strengths, with their organizational, professional, and personal goals.

The Certified LCP Coach

Facilitating the process is a highly qualified, experienced leadership coach, who as a trusted adviser brings a wealth of personal leadership experience to the coaching process. LCP Coaches have received training in this results-oriented leadership system.  They have a minimum of 10 years of senior leadership experience and have business owner, entrepreneur, or business-building experience. LCP Coaches must have earned a bachelor’s degree in business, leadership, MBA, or equivalent and valid client references.

The LCP Coaching Accelerator™

This incorporates the online experience, where clients respond to carefully constructed (and tested!) questions that help them to reflect on their leadership journey and identify key learnings. 

Once this is completed, each person receives a personal, tailored LCP Journal (along with their 'Goal Alignment Reports') that establishes a foundation for the coaching engagement creating a 90-day action plan.

LCP Online Phases

Introductory Phase

Participants provide their personal details and respond to questions that give their leadership coach insight into their expectations of the program and what they hope to achieve.

Phase 1: Retrospection

Reflecting on different work experiences, participants identify strengths and key learnings they can draw on for the goals and challenges in front of them.

Phase 2: Formation

Participants focus on their personal interests, passions, values, and networks — helping them to explore the "why" behind what they do; what motivates and excites them.

Phase 3: Feedback

Participants identify important feedback from other assessments and reviews they have previously completed.

Phase 4: Insight

Participants are given an opportunity to think about the connectedness and importance of what they have discovered in Phases 1 - 3.

Phase 5: Goal Alignment

Participants focus on aligning the goals they want to achieve, along with identifying potential roadblocks and conflicts that may get in the way for their new trajectory as a leader of the organization.

Phase 6: Team Alignment

A Team Alignment Report is available for leadership teams who want to reconcile priorities and goals they may be in conflict. Coaches receive a report that contrasts organizational goals for each team member, along with roadblocks and challenges.